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Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Hello! Welcome to TRAVEL & STATIONERY! I’m constantly itching to travel and here’s what I look for when I've decided on a place:

- Best touristy things to do i.e Historical Sites and Beautiful Urban Locations

- Best Food and Drinks

- Book Stores, Comic book stores, Indie Bookstores, Famous bookstores and Libraries

- Indie Shops

- Last but not least STATIONERY.

Montréal has beautiful architecture, delicious food, a thriving art scene, fashion and STATIONERY!

If you’re planning on going to Québec now, let me show you some of my favorite places in Montreal and my favorite Stationery shops! Don't forget your passport!

How to get there:

From NYC at Port Authority I rode an 8 hr bus. Not the comfiest ride in the world but saves me money.

Where to stay:

I did a 2-night stay in an Airbnb in Montreal and although it was well situated, I wouldn’t recommend it. Instead, I’ll show you my dream hotel in Montreal: The William Grey Hotel and Le Petit Hôtel & Café.


St. Viateur Bagel Shop - Delicious bagels, period.

Pikolo Espresso Bar -

Some damn good coffee!

Tommy Cafe

Gorgeous cafe, yummy brekky, and good lattes.

Cafe Olimpico -

Cafe Olimpico was a real cafe experience and I appreciated chocolate being put on top of my flat white.


Note: You have to go upstairs to the cafe, you don't need an appointment just tell the sales associate or security guard you want to go up to the cafe.

SSense is VERY cool. Coffee was yummy and the atmosphere was nice. The cafe also sells some $$$$ fashion books and accessories. The cafe windows also provide a nice view of Old Montréal.

Lunch / Dinner:

Maison Publique

The restaurant has a delicious brunch menu and comfortable with a menu thats written on the wall. I loved it!

Sammi & Soupe Dumpling -

Affordable and delicious. You really can't go wrong at this awesome dumpling spot!

Hoya Restaurant -

I love Korean food and was happy to find this quaint yummy Korean Restaurant in Montréal! Also very affordable~


Nos Thes -

For a large tea menu and delicious Bubble Tea don't pass up Nos Thes!

Food Carts in Old Port -

Visiting in late May, we got to see a lot of food carts in Old Port! Definitely worth a visit for yummy food cart eating.

Fav Areas/Places:

Montreal is colorful and full of amazing nature and structure.

Old Port

Mile End

Old Montreal

St. Laurent BLVD



Mount Royal


Planete BD -

Planete BD made me wish I could read French! So many cool looking French books and a great selection too.

Librairie l'Échange -

Another great bookstore and with a local artist section. I love how supportive the Montréal art scene is!

Librairie Le port de tête -

I saw so many cute children's books here! If you can read french I recommend this place. Even just to look at the shop and the art is worth it!

Word (The)

Indie Shops:

Annex Vintage -

Great shop that includes vintage clothing, books, home goods, self care products and stationery from local makers and abroad!

Citizen Vintage -

Another great shop that caught my eye because I've never seen so many products dedicated to Celine Dion haha! The shop has awesome clothes that are vintage and made locally. Including art and stationery! Citizen Vintage has multiple locations, so you can't miss out!


Fashion, art, and stationery! Yes!


Another great place full of fashion, art, plants, gifts, and the most important thing stationery!

Empire Exchange -

Here you buy, sell and trade clothing. The store also has fun greeting cards, homeware, and stationery.


Baltic Club -

A mixed of in-house designed stationery and curated pieces, Baltic Club is a perfect stationery shop.

ArtPop -

A little shop full of great Montreal themed gifts and also some Montreal themed stationery!

Annex Vintage -

Montreal has so many places that are not only full of awesome clothing, art, and clothing made by local artists but also full of cute stationery. Annex Village is another must-visit.

Boucle & Papier -

A cute stationery shop that offers classics like Blackwing pencils and notebooks but also a lovely greeting wall, Montreal themed art and cool indie magazines.

Paperole -

Paperole's setup is just so cute and charming. I loved this tiny place. From local artists to Kaweco pens, Paperole has a lot to offer. Another must-see.

Etat de Style - See Above

AU Papier Japonais -

Beautiful and charming, the perfect place to one of a kind stationery goodies.

Papeterie Casse-Noisette -

Located in Old Montreal, Papeterie Casse-Noisette has a mix of papers, pens, inks and greeting cards. So if you're Old Montreal don't forget to stop by!

Ex-voto - See above

Empire Exchange - See above

* All pictures taken by me!

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