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The Detectives Club - My favorite Miss Marple Episodes/Movies

Spoiler alert all the episodes/movies are good..duh

I've come out with a new sticker set called The Detective's Club! Although Miss Marple is considered an amateur sleuth, you can tell she's no amateur and Miss Marple is definitely the person I'd want solving any crime.

You can buy this set on Etsy now :)

Margaret Rutherford - Miss Marple in the 60s

Margaret Rutherford's Miss Marple has a catchy theme song, that's really truly a BOP. I watched Rutherford's version of Miss Marple after the other 3 actresses on the list, so I was very surprised to see a version of Miss Marple that was pushy and more comedic, which is very different but fun to watch. Rutherford's Marple in all 4 films also has help from her friend Mr. Jim Stringer. Cute fact: Mr. Jim Stringer is played by Stringer Davis, who was Margaret Rutherford's real-life husband!

My fav Margaret Rutherford Miss Marple Movies:

Murder Ahoy! and Murder Most Foul. Rutherford's Marple sword fights against the murderer, how epic!

Joan Hickson - Miss Marple

Joan Hickson's Miss Marple feels perfect. She was also Agatha Christie's personal favorite. Unlike like Rutherford, she's confident but not pushy. I love all the thought you could see behind Joan's eyes while she played Miss Marple.

My fav Joan Hickson episode: "Nemesis" Season 2 Episode 6.

Nemesis is hands down my favorite episode! It's so creepy and the story is also very sad. Miss Marple feels like an epic hero, Nemesis, coming to catch this ultimate villain.

Geraldine McEwan - ITV's Miss Marple

I have to say Geraldine McEwan is my favorite Miss Marple. What I like about this ITV version of the Miss Marple series is the subtle background we're given into Miss Marple's past. You get the sense she lost the love of her life, she has that sort of sadness but still plays the "I'm an old lady, what would I know about murder" game and then solves the whole mystery!

My fav Geraldine McEwan episode: "The Body in the Library" Season 1 Episode 1-

The plot twist to this story, Geraldine's interrogation scene, I loved it! A very good episode.

My fav Geraldine McEwan episode: "Nemesis" Season 3 Episode 4-

This version of the Nemesis story has a similar plot point to Joan Hickson's episode. The killer is different but the motive is the same. There is an epic moment pictured above where the killer asks Miss Marple "Who are you?" and Miss Marple says "I am Nemesis", that gave me a chill! Go, Miss Marple!!

Julie McKenzie - ITV's Miss Marple

I will say at first I didn't like Julie McKenzie's Miss Marple but after rewatching some episodes I realizing how much I liked Julie McKenzie's version of our favorite "amateur" sleuth. She feels a little bit more business-like, I love the suit jacket they have McKenzie wear in each episode. McKenzie's Miss Marple feels like she actually has her own private detective agency at home and I like that.

My fav Julie McKenzie episode: "The Pale Horse" Season 5 Episode 1-

The Pale Horse is not a Miss Marple mystery but ITV changed it to be and I'm not mad about. They do keep the original characters like Mark Easterbrook and Ginger, but for this episode, they're Miss Marple's mystery helpers. What I really liked is seeing Miss Marple go from being kind and sweet to calling the murderer out! You don't play Miss Marple, she plays you.

My fav Julie McKenzie episode: "A Pocket Full of Rye" Season 4 Episode 1-

A Pocket Full of Rye always makes me feel bad for one character, the character that brings Miss Marple into the story. I love how Miss Marple solves this mystery and gets justice for her murdered friend.

My fav Julie McKenzie episode: "Murder is Easy" Season 4 Episode 2-

This episode has Benedict Cumberbatch AND Shirley Henderson. This episode was tough because the killer's motives are so sad. Benedict Cumberbatch plays a retired cop who's going to solve this mystery with Miss Marple.

Other Miss Marples:

I can't forget Angela Lansbury in The Mirror Crack'd in 1980.

Next for me is to watch Helen Hayes as Miss Marple. If I can find Gracie Fields playing Miss Marple I'll also give that watch!

Which Miss Marple is your favorite?

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