• Grace B

Gift Guide - Instagram Edition!

Looking through the 3K+ people I follow took longer than I thought lol...

I hope you enjoyed the Radical Girl Gang Gift Guide! I ordered a few items from the guide, so if you did too, don't forget to show those creators some love <3

Today's guide will feature my Instagram follows!

These are folks who I follow and whos work I love, respect and admire. Everything featured is for someone out there, so let's get to shopping.

Let's start with what I know best, Paper goods & Stationery + Art.

I hope you found something above, but I hope you left room for your eyes to feast on more because next week I'll have more ... yea, I got more, haha.

Remember, if you can't monetarily give to any of these folks above, a follow and like are always appreciated.

See ya next week :)

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